Moderator Responsibilities

As a moderator, will some of the things we will be watching for be:
inappropriate language/comments
people trying to sell products
is membership automatically allowed or do we give permission
Can there be a private area for moderators to post information that might be helpful to know but is not visible to the public?
Can we create new tags for existing posts?
If a post should be in a different location, will we be able to move it?

Now that I have an account and am creating some posts and looking around, if there are specific things I should be doing or working on, please let me know.

@Gigi @Aimee_G1117
If you are interested, I started this thread for questions and comments regarding moderator responsibilities - if you have answers to any of my questions or questions of your own, feel free to post here

This is good stuff. Thanks for making this a place for supportive community

I like where this is going - keep up the great work and let me know if you need help! - Will

not sure if you noticed but your FB membership blew up this afternoon after your video posted - I’ve probably processed over 250 myself - and guessing the other moderators have done about the same -

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Is there anything specific you would like me to do on this site? Do we need to monitor comments for appropriateness? If we encounter something inappropriate, is there something you want me to do?

We trust you with your judgement, but our goal is to keep this an uplifting, supportive, and positive group- just like you all have done a GREAT job with on facebook. So yes, if there is anything of concern, please flag or delete.