Mental Health - It's okay to not be okay

For so long, mental health issues have been a taboo to talk about, but the reality is that far more people are dealing with mental health issues than you know and something that may help is knowing that you are not alone.

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what are some of the things you do to support your mental health? If you have found something that works for you, feel free to share it as it may help others as well.

I love the fact that mental health is so openly discussed now! I’ve lived with mental health issues since I was in High School(roughly 20 years) and for the longest time I felt alone and like I had no one to talk to about it. I still struggle with mental health issues(mainly only anxiety and occasional depression now) but I’m very open about mental health. I think the #1 thing that helps me is to not keep things bottled up and to talk to someone about them. Seeing a therapist is not as taboo as it was once thought of. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Take that day to just unwind and do something you love. For me, if I fell I am having a bad mental health day, I take the day and just go for a drive and take photos. Photography is something that calms me. I do nature photography, so being out there with just the animals and plants and air is super calming. If anyone ever needs someone to just talk to, I’m always available(as a friend, not a therapist)!

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My son suffers from depression and anxiety so I know how difficult it can be I love the fact that this topic is now open for discussion and no one needs to suffer alone


Wondering how people are doing with all of the unrest in Europe? With everything on the internet, younger people are exposed to a huge amount of information and images that it can really increase stress and anxiety.

June, how is your son doing? I’ve lived with depression since I was a kid although it wasn’t recognized back in the 70s. I avoid saying that Ive suffered from it because that gives the power to the depression and I would rather think that through therapy, finding the proper medication and removing myself from things that can be triggers, i manage it. I am not ashamed of it anymore, i own it but refuse to let it be the center of who i am. If i can ever help your son, even hy listening, please reach out

Thank you Patti he is holding his own he is doing ok thank you so much for checking in if I have any questions I will definately contact you
Thank you again