Meals/ snacks -trying to change it up!

I love to get different ideas of what to make for dinner or snacks! Also do you meal plan? Or just go to the grocery store often? Thanks all, can’t wait for all your suggestions! :blush:

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I definitely meal plan. I have a family of 7 so it makes things a lot easier! I always decide on my meals for the next week on Thursday and do the shopping on Friday. I usually do the grocery pick up ( saves me so much money and time).
We love wraps for quick meals and snacks. They are so versatile, you can put anything in them from chicken to pb and jelly. We do a lot of bars, pudding, applesauce, lunchables, P3 packs for snacks. I am a sheet pan meal kick. Those are also very versatile. Our favorite is turkey kielbasa, potatoes, and broccoli with a little cheese. Sounds super simple and bland but really good especially when you add your favorite spices. Hope this helps a little.

Get the kids involved in the meal planning - and if they make a great suggestion, let them help you create it - teach them their way around the kitchen. It’s a great way for them to learn about the cost of products, nutrition and the joy of cooking and teamwork.

@JustAMomof5Boys this is so helpful! Reminded me of this video I Let My Kids Meal Plan Our Week - YouTube

We meal plan dinners and leave breakfast and lunch up for grabs with “staple” items like oatmeal, smoothies, and the fruit/cheese/veggie snack drawer which I prep the same day we shop. I’m also not opposed to feeding my kids chicken nuggets and pb&j :joy:. For dinner ideas we usually have a theme: Make-ahead Monday, Takeout Tuesday, One Pot Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday, Favorites Friday, Slimming Saturday, Smoker Sunday, etc… Sometimes we switch those up but it helps making the meal/grocery list go a lot faster! I’m always looking for more ideas, too!

@jennyf sounds like you are very organized. I’m not sure how old your kids are but do you involve them in the shopping and budgeting of the meal items. It is a great skill for them to learn. If they are old enough or when they become old enough - you can also start having a night where they do the cooking - or at least are responsible for helping prepare the food.

Love these ideas! We also love doing oatmeal and let our daughter help us mix in fruit, cinnamon etc. Letting her participate in “making” her meals makes her more interested and buys us more time too for an impatient hangry toddler lol

Breakfast quesadillas are also a win for us that we just recently tried! Good way for us to sneak in tomatoes, spinach or any other veggies!