Looking for Similac Pro Total Comfort

Hello! I haven’t been matched but I am looking for Similac Pro Total Comfort. Thanks so much!

I have these. Do you still need them ?

I have a sample size one of these! Let me know if you need it!

I have one of these in a sample can. Let me know if you still need it.

Hello! Yes please. My email is erica.nix@yahoo.com thank you so much!

I’m interested!! cnalderma@gmail.com

I also have 2 sample cans. Lisa.Faust208@gmail.com

Any of the sample cans left?!

Hello! The few cans I was planning on getting were sadly on the recall list so I am still looking if you still have cans! My email is erica.nix@yahoo.com

Interested if any left

I have two unopened 7oz containers if you want them! Expiration is March 2023.

I would be interested if she is not. Looking for the same formula. laurareynolds621@gmail.com

Hi thank you so much! I am still looking but a have a few coming so please send them to Laura Jean looking for the same ones. I really appreciate it so much!!

I am interested as well if any one has extra. Laceyfranco5@icloud.com

Hello everyone! Sadly the ones I got so far were all recalled so I am still on the hunt thank you!