Looking for Similac Pro Sensitive Liquid

I’m search of Similac Pro Sensitive LIQUID. We are on our last bottle!!! Doctor changed my 5 week old formula due to GERD once again. Can not find it ANYWHERE. Thank you in advance!

@angelica check out her post!!

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This is in stock near me in New Hampshire if you want to try this as a last resort!

Thank you. I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

@Mariah_Nieves-Garcia Hi, just checking in to see if you have had any success in getting the formula you need?

Hello, and no, we’re down to our last bottle of the liquid Similac. I went to labor and delivery and they gave us 4 of the small bottles of Similac. The 2oz ones.

what is your zip code?

I’m located in 11552

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I’ve been looking but not having any success so far - are there any alternate types that you could use?

Aww thank you and to be honest any Similac ready to feed. For some reason, the ready to feed liquid helps his GERD.

Try Similac Sensitive Infant Formula For Fussiness and Gas With Iron Ready To Feed - 32 Fl. Oz. - ACME Markets
it looks like they have some available

I was just at target lastnight and there is nothing on the shelves but baby water. I’ll try a target out of state maybe.

I have some to sell! I bought from the Similac website and can provide a receipt. I will sell for $40, which is under what we paid. It’s a 48 pack of 2oz ready to feed!

I’m located in Milford MA for pick up.

I have a few samples of the 2 oz RTF Similac 360 and 360 Sensitive (blue and orange bottles). If you’re interested and willing to cover the cost of shipping, they’re yours!

Costco has it in stock online!!

Yes! That would be awesome ! Thank you so much

Can k order it if I am not a member ?