Looking For Members Mark (Sam’s Club) Advantage Formula

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! We have searched in 4 states, within 300 mile radius’ of our families and no luck, even out of stock online. Our little guy went through 8 different formulas until Similac Pro Advance worked wonders for him. Due to the Similac recall, Pro Advance hasn’t been on the shelves anywhere near us so switching to the Members Mark dupe was the only option we had.

I have one I can send you! We had to swap my baby to a different formula!

I have one i can send for free. I made 3 bottles from it and my baby couldn’t handle it. Its open if you dont mind. And all i ask is you pay for shipping.

That would be amazing!!!

Yes please!

I don’t know how to dm you. But find me on fb. Veronica Jarquin Redirecting...