Looking for Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Formula

I am looking for Happy Baby Organic Formula Stage 1. Please let me know if you have any you can send or if you know of any stores that have this in stock.

Thank you for your help.

Hi! I have one unopened I posted

If it’s the correct one just let me know and I could ship it out.

That is absolutely the correct one. I’d happily take it. How can I reimburse you or pay for shipping? I’ve literally only been on the site for an hour.

Yeah I have no idea how it works either I was just trying to help someone out! Is there a way to send your address through a message so it’s not posted up on here? Don’t worry about reimbursing! I have a babe and can’t imagine going through this with his formula! I can ship it out tomorrow.

I guess going to personal email is the best way to go. Can you email me at tbmail2 at Gmail?
And thank you for your help with this. It is truly appreciated during an incredibly stressful time.