Looking for Gerber GoodStart Soothe Pro or Reguline

Looking for Gerber Soothe Pro or Enfamil Reguline. In Corpus Christi, Texas and shelves are completely out of everything. Thanks in advance

Just saw some on Amazon and Walmart.com, u gotta be fast at checkout too

Hey! I have a tub or reugline! You can email me paredonesanastasia@gmail.com :slight_smile:

@Jesswl17 Thanks for joining us and hope you are able to get the formula you need. If you haven’t already, please be sure to sign up at www.babyformulaexchange.com

Enfamil Reguline is in stock on Walmarts website just change your shopping zip code to 60455. They’ll ship even if it’s out of state.

I have two cans of unopened 12.4 oz Gerber Good Start Soothe Pro available for you @Jesswl17 or any other mother who needs that kind. Let me know if you want them! My email is jawade03@gmail.com. I also sent you a private message on here.

-Mom Jessie&Baby Elijah​:family_man_woman_boy::heart: