Looking for Enfamil Neuropro gentlease

In need of this formula.

I have two 7oz sample cans of this!

Hello! Are these still available? If so can I please get them for my son :sob:

Yes they are, I cannot figure out how to direct message on this platform so can you email me? (once you reply that you can, I’ll give you me email) :slight_smile:

Are you sending her both? If not can I take one for my daughter please

If it’s still available I would like some for my daughter please

If they are available I would take one or both?

@CayleighM are you able to direct message me?

Trying to find where I can do that. Sorry. Very new to this platform

@Kdorich have you found a way to dm on here?

I don’t know how to either! Email me at kdformula13@gmail.com and we can figure out how I can get it to you.