Looking for Enfamil Enfacare

I have two cans I can ship! Please message.

I have 4 cans. Newly purchased by my aunt. Willing to pay shipping if you pay for formula itself.

I have a few extra cans you are welcome to have.

I need Enfacare too if anyone has any left. Can pay shipping

I can send you 4 cans. PM your address.


Yes! Thank you, how do I pay you and what do I owe you?

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I am looking for this as well. Does anybody have some that hasn’t been claimed?

Did someone claim these?

I have twin premie grand babies who are in need of this formula

I am looking for this too for my cousins’ premie.

Cheryl, can you send me a message please? I can’t figure out to to send a message

do you have any more

Has any one claimed these

Hi, I don’t know how to send a message directly to you.

Can you email me please? tracielhancox@hotmail.com

I can’t figure out how to PM you. If you are able to PM with your address that would be great.

I just responded with my email :heart:

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I’m still trying to figure out how to pm you. You can email me at tidach3@hotmail.com or I’m Celestina Olou on Facebook. Thank you so much!

Jessica happy to help! My aunt sent them to me thinking she was helping us out but it’s the wrong formula.

They were $23.59 each bought at cvs and Walgreens. We have 4. I’m happy to send you pictures of the cans and the expiration dates of you want/need.

PayPal is the most secure for both of us. I don’t have one set up yet but my husband does. Is that ok for you or would you feel more comfortable with me setting my own up?

I can ship them out to you tomorrow.