Looking for Earth’s Best Baby Formula

Hi everyone! Like most of you I’m looking for baby formula. This shortage is insane. I’m looking for my friend Leanne’s 4 month old daughter. I’m looking for the Brand Earth’s Best Baby Formula. The sensitive (Purple Can) the Gentle (Blue Can) or the low lactose (Blue Can.) I’m in the New York State and Upstate is the area I reside!

If you can search Jewel Grocery stores in IL or know someone in IL I feel like this brand is always in stock. It’s also carried at our local Target’s and store called, Meijer. Hope that helps!

Thank you so much!!! I’ll definitely check those stores!

I have seen some of this formula type. Please email me I can see if I am able to get some if so I can ship if cost is covered for both can and shipping. Casey.evans26@aol.com

I just bought a can of this today for $38 and don’t think I will need it. Email is kristenwest299@gmail.com

Oh shoot, I have the red can not purple. Sorry!

I have 3 35oz cans of Earths Best Sensitive Formula!
Selling for $35 each + shipping

That would be terrific! I am absolutely willing to buy all 3 cans

Email me and I’ll give you my phone number :slight_smile:

I’ll be going to UPS today if you’re still interested!