Liquid Nutramigen

Looking for the ready to feed liquid formula. Baby only takes powder if mixed. Thanks much.


Yes yeswhere is this? :pray:t2::pleading_face:

Are you anymore near PA? If not we can figure out details on shipping

I am in nyc and no car unfortunately. Yes please I’d cover the costs if you can kindly get me them - Thank YOU

Please email me!

Which WalMart location had this? I wonder if I can search for it online with that zip code & have them shipped directly to me?
Hopefully this means things are getting back to normal and we won’t have to deal with this again!!!

Apparently Allentown, pa. I called hoping the same but said none on the shelf now.

They may not have anymore! I was there 2 hours ago so I can only imagine

Yep. They go super fast.