Let me know if I can help from Europe

I live in Western Europe and I have one unopened can of Hero Premature formula that I can ship. We got it for our twins but they drink regular formula. I don’t know if that will go through customs. I don’t need money for the can, just for shipping. I can ship you more if you reimburse me! Hero is a name brand here, we have super strong regulations tho so any brand is the same (even knockoff ones). A box of formula is around 8 euro here, shipping will be expensive however. Specialty formula is up to 30 euro. Let me know if I can help you! I can’t front the money atm but I have loads of time! I would advise you to really research whether formula can be shipped into the US by private parcel.

Hi! Do you by any chance have Pure Bliss infant (by Similac) available to you? It is made in Ireland.
Thank you for what you’re doing!

Similac isn’t sold here :confused:
I’ll list the brands that I can get at my supermarkets and drugstores:

Name brands:
Bon Bebe
Nutrilon (but that is a Nestlé brand and also 2x price)

Store own brands:
Kruidvat (largest drugstore chain)
Albert Heijn

They have the usual variants for allergys/reflux/etc.

We have one can of Hero Premie formula in storage which I will be donating to my OB if all else fails.

Okay! Thanks, anyway! You are awesome for doing this. We US mamas really appreciate you!