Leg Cramps/ Charlie Horses during Pregnancy

Hi everyone!

I am in my second pregnancy nearing the end and once again the Charlie Horses/ Leg Cramps in my legs have started up again. Happening multiple times at night and during the day. With my first delivery I had them with every contraction making it so unbearable. I would really like to avoid this happening again.

Any suggestions or help? Has anyone experienced this?

Currently downing bananas and pickle juice. :sweat_smile:

also make sure that you are drinking enough water - I know you probably don’t want to bloat - but good hydration can really help. Also, to whatever extent you are able, stretch out your legs before going to bed - try to keep your muscles relaxed through the stretches. I’m sure there are some good ones you can find online.

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Thank you so much for the advice Patti!

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Hi there! I had severe leg cramps during my pregnancy. I would stretch out my legs in my sleep pointing my toes and that would cause my calves to cramp! My doctor recommended magnesium!

So I took magnesium right before bed with my prenatal. It helped my insomnia and my leg cramps. I also tried to stretch my legs out and massage them as much as possible


This is such wonderful advice! Thank you so much!!

I had the same problem and found this magnesium lotion that saved me! Seriously life changing.


I agree, Magnesium supplement is a good way to go. I used this Magnesium supplement with my first pregnancy and never had any issues with Charlie horses. I had one last night (18 weeks with my second pregnancy) so I started it up again!

I’m sure there are many great ways to get magnesium, but I’ve heard that you need to pair it with Calcium and D3 to help it take effect. So I’m sticking with this liquid supplement again since it worked so great last pregnancy.



This is SO helpful! I will talk to my midwife and see if I can order some! I really hope it helps!

Thank you SOOO much! I am so desperate for relief. I am hoping to talk to my midwife about this and order it! It is so reassuring to hear others had the same issue.