Just had twins and looking for Enfamil Neuropro yellow can

Hey there. We just had twins and mom can’t currently produce due to C. We are looking for Enfamil Neuropro yellow can as advised by our NICU. If anyone has any, you would be a life saver. Due to the limits for purchase, I don’t know how we get by with twins

Will be happy to pay for product and shipping. Just don’t want to be scared about not being able to feed our babies

My local store has the individual packets. It says a box makes 14, 4 oz bottles. I know it isn’t much but happy to send to you didn’t find any elsewhere. Email me if you want me to ship lizo1509@gmail.com.

Not sure if this is what you need but I just picked up 4 cans today 12.5 oz cans. If they are the correct kind, happy to ship to you. email me jlfaa@aol.com

I think it’s the same thing but I’m honestly not 100% sure

Why don’t you check with your doctor and get back to me tomorrow. I’m in California, where are you?

The store I got it at actually had more. I didn’t want to invest too much as I wasn’t sure I was purchasing the correct type of formula. I haven’t had to buy this stuff in over 30 years. Let me know I will hold for you and if you need more, I will be out tomorrow I can pick up more or at least try and hope its still there. Up to you.

Missouri. I’ll check with them in the AM. Thanks!!

Good Morning! I’m sure you are exhausted, as I know I am. Just wanted to check with you to see if you have heard from your Dr.? I won’t be able to get to the post office until probably tomorrow, but am holding for you. No one else has contacted me. Just let me know, my direct email is jlfaa@aol.com

Hey sry, started dealing with some complications and had to stay in hospital. I will make sure I ask when they come back to room.

Ty again for checking back. I so greatly appreciate it

No worries, handle when you can. I just wanted to let you know I am holding for you and if you need more I can look for what you need while I am out and about later this afternoon, however, I don’t want to get the wrong formula. Thank You. Janet Frush jlfaa@aol.com

I just looked up what I purchased is “Milk Based” this is the difference apparently from the neuropro, has breast milk as well. I took pics of both the ingredients, maybe this will help your doctors decide. I truly can’t imagine what you must be going through. I am so sorry and hope I can help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey sry for just getting back to you. Apparently they are recommending now due to a few issues, the Enfamil Enfacare type to get body weight up more. They said after a while we may be able to switch back to Enfamil neuropro

Hi There,
So while I was out yesterday, I saw quite a bit of different types of formula. I don’t see much of a problem here, but maybe that’s just me. I did not see this particular brand, however, I will look for it.

No one else has contacted me in regard to what I have and there was a ton of it on the shelves so I am going to take it back and try to find something you will be able to use. I will try to see if I can find it in my time out and about and will let you know.

Congratulations to you and your wife and good luck with the babies!

I have two small bottles of the ready to feed that I got in a sample box… I know it’s not much but I don’t want it to go to waste! My preemie is on neosure so I won’t use it! Happy to ship for free!

Email me at alexiskdisher@gmail.com if your interested!