ISO: Similac Alimentum Powder Form

We’ve had to switch 3 times now…we’re running out and can’t find it anywhere!

Hi! I have these I’m selling. I also have Nutramigen

How much are they? Have you sold on here before? Just don’t want to get scammed.

$15 a can plus shipping. I sold once before my baby turned 1 so I’m selling whatever I have left. Getting scammed sucks. I get it

Can you post a picture with the cans and todays date? Can we pay with PayPal?

Can you also verify it’s not part of the recall?

Can we use Venmo?

It’s not apart of the recall. I would’ve already thrown it out. You seem very paranoid. Why would I give you bad formula so you can call me out?

First time on here and don’t want to buy stuff I can’t use. I don’t think getting angry at people who are making sure it’s okay to feed to their babies looks very good. Also, I’ve had a few people warn me about your account, I’ll pass on your cans.

My account? That’s impossible

Let’s be kind to one another. Unless you have 100% evidence that someone is scamming someone, please refrain from labeling someone a scammer.

Thank you so much. I get it, people are wary, but there’s a way to go about it.

Never use Venmo, only paypal goods and services