ISO puramino formula

Looking for puramino formula my nephew is on his last can and my brother and sister-in-law can’t find any anywhere. He’s been on 8 different formulas and this is the only on his little tummy can handle. Please let me know what you have!

I have four cans available all unopened. My little one was on Elecare and we tried puramino after the recall and she reacted horrible to it.

How much for all 4cans? Where are you located? I can pay for shipping as well if it’s not close to me.

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Alfamino is the exact same content as the Puramino. My infant is also on this and since I can’t find it anywhere in IL my GI specialist said she can go on the Alfamino. It’s available just go to Amazon

The nutramigen is your second option. It’s not as broken down as the amino acid formulas but should also work and we have some here in my house in IL if you need them.

I’m in central Minnesota and I would part with it for $100 for all four cans…and the cost of shipping if needed or send an offer

Omg I need it! Can I pay you for them?!

Or can we possibly split them, 2 each. We are desperate for puramino as well

@Mzwhitti I have Puramino Jr in vanilla if you need some!!

Are you able to post a picture of the can so I can double check if it’s what I need? Thanks!

It’s pending already. Can. you message me your email address and I’ll let you know if it falls through?

Can you use elecare jr?