ISO Nutramagin

In need of Nutramagin for my 3 month old!

I just posted above before seeing this. The grocery store 3 blocks from me had a ton of nutramagin in stock as of yesterday evening!

Where are you located? I would love to get a couple of the cans they have!

I’m in Michigan. The store that has it is only 3 blocks away so I can head over tonight to grab some. The cans are $34.99 each and shipping I think is ~$9 for ups ground or $15 for usps priority.

Yes!!! Let me know what you are able to grab for me and give me the final total and I can get some money sent over!

I have no clue how to DM you haha, would you be able to DM me on here?

Hi Im in need of Nutramigen as well. Im in Florida would you be able to help ?

The concentrate version of this formula is in stock on Walmarts website using shopping zip code 35502. They’ll ship to you even if it’s out of state.