Iso enfamil reguline

I am in desperate need of enfamil Reguline formula if anyone has any! My baby girl can’t stomach any other kind without bathroom issues and I can’t find it anywhere local to me.

Hey! My walmart had a few cans i could ship. It would be retail plus the shipping cost.

There were a few at my local grocery store last time I was there that I could grab tomorrow if you still need some and they’re still there. Retail+ship

I would be forever grateful for any help!! Thank you all so much!! Such a crazy time to feel like you truly don’t know if you can feed your child. So grateful for this page and all of you mamas.


I might be able to get a can from my local target. It shows in stock and I ordered it for pick up. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t get canceled by the morning.

Try shopping zip code 23306 online for Walmart. They’ll ship it even if you don’t live in that state.

@Aliciamayxo Available to ship from target right now! As of 5/21 7:40 am ET

If still needed I can get these two. Just pay cost and shipping.

I’ve sold the cans of Reguline that I had. Thanks!