ISO Costco Kirkland Pro Care!

ISO Pro Care from Costco or any equivalent for my baby! Thank you!!

I have some if you’re still in need of the Kirkland ProCare.

That would be amazing! You’re my first response so I will take any that you are willing to ship and I can pay.

How many containers do you need? I have quite a few since my son had to switch.

I can ship them to you tomorrow.

Thank you so much! I’ll try to send you a DM

Ok I’m not totally sure how to direct message you. I will take as many unexpired containers that you would like to send.

Let me know how you would like me to send you my address and $. I have venmo, Zelle, & PayPal. Thank you.

What’s your email address? I’m not sure how to direct message either.

Sent you an email!

Do you still have these available? Or were they all taken already?

My email is thank you!