Is my baby sick or teething?

Our daughter has had 4-5 ear infections and has recently been running another fever…How can I tell if this is just from teething or if she has an infection? Is there a limit to the number of antibiotics that a 2 year old can/should have? If it is teething, how can I help her through the discomfort?

Unfortunately the only way to know 100% if it’s an ear infection is to take them in and have the doctor look. However; teething can 100% cause ear pain. I’ve taken my 18 month old in at least 4 times thinking he had an ear infection cuz he was tugging at his ears and it’s been teething each time. A true fever over 100.4 is going to go along with infection.

Teething relief I use the teething necklaces I get mine from Baltic essentials you want true certified Baltic amber, young living’s copiaba oil 1 drop directly on gums and then 1 drop rubbed along gum line.

I’ve found gentle facial massages especially around the jawline and toward the ear to be helpful.

On really rough days I may decide to give a dose of childrens Motrin at bedtime to help them sleep.

I don’t know about the teething vs not teething. However, to help with ear infections you can use lavender and tea tree (melaleuca) oils (or just lavender), and dilute it with coconut oil (although both oils are gentle enough that you don’t need to dilute as long as you have used them on your child previously, always start by putting it on the bottom of their feet to test it out and always dilute if you haven’t used it before). You can put the oils on all around the outside of the ear and/or put them on a cotton swab and gently swab around inside the ear. It is most effective when swabed inside the ear, but still helpful on the outside. It will reduce inflammation, redness, and pain and can help clear up an infection!

I have a friend that has used this method on her two-year old and noticed a change within a night!

Has your pediatrician ever discussed having tubes put in her ears?
Being on antibiotics frequently is not great for anyone as the bacteria strain will become resistant to the antibiotic.
Some kids will grow out of ear infections, but ask about the tubes.

We had the ear infection problem too and took him to a pediatric ENT to see if he needed tubes. She evaluated and yes he did he had so much fluid built up his hearing was practically non existent and we thought he could hear fine. That is also why he got all the ear infections. So he had surgery the first week of December to get the tubes placed and has been a completely different kid since! No ear infections, starting to really pronounce stuff properly and is way happier and understands so much more now! I would recommend getting her checked by an ENT. It can’t hurt!

Taylor, all of your responses have been SO helpful!!

Thanks Andrew! I try to share what I’ve learned paired with 12 yrs in the medical field :woman_shrugging:t3:. It’s so hard with our children and all we wanna do is take their pain away. You guys are doing great :blush: