This is such a life changing creation.

While I was going through secondary infertility I was on google non stop trying to find people that were also pushing through, looking for success stories and also tips or recommendations. Then going through fertility treatments I went back to google to find the same things, just in a different topic. AND AGAIN, after having our son and suffering through Post Partum Panic Disorder and Insomnia… google was my only source.

You guys can move mountains and change lives with this! So my topics suggestions are obviously ones from above:

Secondary Infertility
Fertility Treatments
Post Partum Anxiety and Panic Disorders

This is incredible! I am so glad people are open to sharing more of these real life stories.

@BaileyS Thank you for sharing your story - I’m sure there are many others who, like you are looking for the same types of support you were only now you can be a source of strength and encouragement for them. That is exactly what FamilyMade is all about.