In search of enfamil gentlease

Looking for gentlease regular or neuropro

I actually have 4 cans of the 27.7oz. of Enfamil Gentlease Infant formula. I ordered in on amazon for my grandbaby, but his drs. have switched his formula. I paid a total of $140.04 for all 4 cans and would like to recoup that cost. I would be willing to pay for shipping to get it to you. Can try to ship all of them or 1 at a time.


Can I have all 4 I’ll pay for them , can you private message for my information?

Are the Enfamil Gentlease neuropro sold? We are on our last can for my 7month old.

Hi i have 1 can of gentlease purple can. It’s only 7.2 oz but makes 52 oz. It was a sample can never opened. My email is

The ones I have are taken. I am checking with my daughter as I think she had the Enfamil Gentlease neuropro at her house.