In need of

I am in need of holle goat stage 1 or 2 or Kendamil goat 1 or 2 we currently have an order stuck in customs.

I have stage 2 Holle Bio Goat Milk, do you still need some?

Hi Lindsey,

I do, how much are you asking? I’m definitely Interested!

Hi Amber! We have 3 boxes that expire in 2023 that you’re more than willing to have if you can cover the shipping cost! The boxes are in German because we ordered from overseas, so I can send you photos if you would like to see them before you claim them?

Your an angel, that will be amazing!! We could definitely use them. Ours is currently stuck in customs and we are currently using a can of kabrita and it’s causing major constipation. I can definitely cover shipping!

Great! I’m so glad it will help! What’s your address and I can get it sent out today and let you know how much it would be to ship? We’re in Columbus, OH in case by some weird coincidence you are too lol.

My message got deleted I think bc I posted my address if you want to email me at amberandino01@gmail.con I can send it to you