In need of this formula please

I’ve looked everywhere for this formula, if you find any please help this mama out. I would greatly appreciate it.

I can send this to you

I have 5 boxes of 12 8oz bottles. I bought them yesterday

Yes please

Yes please

The powder verison I ordered was delayed and wont be here until Friday

Yes please. 189 Emporia Loop, McDonough, GA 30253

@Winedownwitherica I just emailed you. I didnt see your comment until now bc i wasnt tagged.

I received it are you still in need?

Yes please

Are you able to cover cost of formula?

Yes and do you have Enfamil gentlease (purple)

I have 2 ready to feed Gentlease Neuro pro bottles

The big ones?

Yes, they’re 32 ounces.

I emailed you

Hello I have a box of this it’s the 31.4 oz refill pack

Yes please

Hi I just saw your reply I still have the formula if you are interested. I have the refill box and I also have 7 12.1 oz cans as well