In need of Similac Pro Total Comfort

I haven’t been matched with anyone yet- hoping to find someone who has some of this formula to sell and ship to me! Any help would be so greatly appreciated

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I have a 7.2oz can of Similac Pro Total control if you’re interested!

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Yes I am interested!!! I’m How can we work this out? Would you like me to pay you for it? Shipping cost? I am in California

Hi Denise!
Thank you so much for responding to my post. I’m desperate and any size formula will help me out!
I have never used this site before so not sure how to connect privately. Hopefully this works
Lisa Underwood

Also looking for this formula if anyone else has some!!

Same here! Had to switch to Enfamil Neoro pro gentlease, now I can’t find that… I’m in Washington.

I’m not sure how the site works as well, but I am also in California! I could ship it to you! I guess I should find out how to message you exclusively

My email is
Maybe we can start that way? Haha
I appreciate that so much

I have a 198g sample size of this! I can ship. Should I email you?

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Just emailed you!

Hi! I have a 7 ounce can I would be happy to send you.

Yes!!! Please and thank you!!! Please email me

Hello I’m definitely interested this for my baby! How do we go about it? This is my email

Hi everyone, This is already spoken for. I don’t know how to remove my comment yet, but wanted to make everyone looking aware.

I have 2 unopened sample cans (7oz). It’s not much but willing to ship. I’m in Georgetown, TX.

I have 2 sample cans of this kind if you still need

Yes I could can you send your email again I think some of it got missed. It just says

I am in need of this kind too!

Hi I have two giant things I am looking at selling

Emailing you!