Hello there, we are in need of the Similac NeoSure and preferred the powder but we’ll take anything! After being in the hospital for a month 6 days ago I delivered premature twins. Both of them are still under 5 lb today at their check up and their doctor wants them to be on this and we have literally gone to 20 different stores today, search online and exhausted all resources we could think of… Please let me know if anyone has Similac NeoSure available. Thank you so much and God bless!

I do! I have 6 13oz cans. My preemie no longer needs to be on Neosure.

If the original poster doesn’t purchase them, I’m willing to buy them today.

They have been sold. So sorry, wish I could help.

Are you still looking for the neosure?

Anyone in need of Similac NEOSURE, it is for sale on Amazon for #6, 13.1oz cans, for $115.62 (one-time purchase) or $98.28 (subscribe & save). It is currently Sunday, July 3rd at 12:30am ET and it says delivery would be on Wednesday, July 6th.


Hi! Is anyone still in need of this?