In need of similac alimentum

Im trying to help my friend find similac alimentum. Her baby has severe allergies to most formulas and this is the only formula little man can take without breaking out in hives and struggling with breathing. if anybody has any please let me know!

Thanks so much!!

There is a 6 pack of the 32 oz ready to feed on Amazon this morning for $70.38. Prime 2 day shipping.

Thank you so much!

This is currently the only formula my local target still has in stock as of today (ready to feed bottle) . If I comes down to it, I would be willing to pick some up and ship. I would ask that shipping and cost of product is covered.

I saw some on Walmart this morning! alimentum -

I have ine bottle of premixed one. My daughter couldnt use it. Where are you located?

I have 6 bottles of unopened premade formula that I can ship. Please send address to

I’m at my local target and they have a bunch of the ready mix. Do you want me to get you some?

Thank you so much I have purchased some! im good now :slight_smile:

Hello! If the lady who posted doesn’t get them, can I?

Are you the person who lives in Calgary and looking for similac alimentum? I have some left over RTF cans

I’m so sorry, I sent them to her via UPS today. I will keep my eye out for any I find in my local grocery store and let you know!

Thank you!

Do you still need ?

I have 4 boxes, each box has 4 cans.