In need of Similac 360 Total Care

Hi there! I’m looking for Similac 360 Total Care in powder or ready to use please! I’m in Nashville and it’s a struggle to find for my 3 month old.

I have a sample container of the Similac 360 Total Care. Let me know and I can mail it to you!

I can order some right now from my Walmart for you if you’d like $13.98 for a box of ready feed 12 2oz bottles

I live about an hour and a half from Nashville

Hi! RTF is in stock on Amazon right now!

Yes please if you don’t mind!

Thank you so much! I’ll check again

Did you get any? I have some of this.

I have not yet, I would love to get some from you.

You can text me 336 508 0350

Do you have any more?

Here’s my number, send me a text and I’ll try to get it in the mail today. I’m not far up the road in Kentucky from you, so hopefully it will ship fast! (937)760-0575

This one?

I can use that one!

I can use that one, if it’s available

That’s the one! Please give to Carrie if possible

I have 12 RTF bottles available if you are interested

Yes please I will take them!

Sent you a private message.

Emailed you