In Need of Nutramigen Powder or Liquid

Hello! I am looking for Nutramigen formula and I am not picky about powder or liquid. I live in SE Kansas and will pay the cost plus shipping. Please let me know if you have any!! Thank you and God bless!! May this whole ordeal be over very soon!!

I just purchased 3 cans of Nutramigen powder for a friend who already found some. I can ship you these for the cost plus shipping if you are still in need.

That would be great!! Thank you so much! Let me know what you need from me!

Email me!

I’m interested if she passes :slightly_smiling_face:

I have 4 cans of nutramigen toddler, which is for babies 9 months and older (perhaps younger too, but pls check with your pediatrician). Happy to ship to you! Lmk if you’d like it

I some of this in the 53rd (North) and Meridian (Wichita) Walmart on Monday.

I would definitely be interested in the toddler stage!

Interested in toddler stage nutramigen. Please get back to me if it’s available still.

Thanks! Wichita is a little too far for me though.

Let me know what you would like for it and I can get it arranged! My email is Thank you!!

@Rippel2022 just DMed you on this app. If I don’t hear back in an hour or so, I’ll try to arrange to send this to someone else on this thread

I am also in need of Nutramigen. Will pay for can, shipping, and extra for the convenience. Thank you!

Hey I live in Joplin Missouri get ahold of me I have 7 liquid I can not use cause my son has the extra calories and so the liquid is useless to us.

Mine is on the liquid now. What do you want for them? My email is

Hi I just saw your post I’m in desperate need of liquid nutramigen!! Do you have any left? I will pay the cost of the formula plus shipping