In need of Nutramigen formula

Hi! We only have 2 small cans left for my daughter. We still have about 4 months to go before we can wean her and can’t find nutramigen anywhere. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thank you

Hi will message you now mama :slight_smile:

Hey I don’t have any nutramigen but that’s what my son is on also. Just wanted to say though we recently found enfamil simply plant-based. It’s dairy and lactose free and we have been able to find it more often then the nutramigen. Ask your Dr about it if you can find it your area also! My son is allergic to EVERYTHING it feels like and for awhile there I would literally get to a half a can before I could find more but I can find this enough to where I haven’t run out of either if that makes sense. Hopefully this gets better soon! GOOD LUCK!!