In Need of Hypoallergenic Formula

I am in need of any hypoallergenic formula… powder, liquid, or concentrate; Nutramigen, Alimentum, Gerber Extensive HA, Parent’s Choice hypoallergenic, etc.

I will take shipments but I also live on the Space Coast in Florida and will meet up.

Please comment on this or email me at

I have an unopened box or Hipp (European brand) hypoallergenic formula. Expires 7/31. Let me know if interested!

Check Kroger’s website. They had several of these for shipping!

I have an 8oz can of Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic with an expiration date of November 2022. You can have it if you just cover the cost of shipping. I’ll send you a message as well.

Is this still available? I am desparately looking for this for my 7 months old baby.

The Alimentum ready to feed is in stock on Walmarts website. You just have to change your shopping zip code to 40512. They’ll ship even if it’s out of state.