In need of Enfamil Prosobee ready to feed

In desperate need of the liquid ready to feed Enfamil Prosobee. We have 6 bottles left and each bottle only lasts one day. I am in Debary FL, posting two pictures because they are remaking the labels but it’s the same formula!!!

I found 3 at my local Walmart! Would you like me to get them and send them to you??

This type is plentiful where I live in Louisiana!! I will look at Walmart and respond.

Can you baby take the canned concentrated kind??

I forgot to mention I am also in Florida

That would be amazing if you could. Here is my email

I’ve never tried It so I’m not sure if he would drink It.

It sold out as I was checking out with it. I will keep checking for you!!

Thank you so much!

I know your looking for ready to feed, I haven’t been able to find any for my little either, but if you end up not finding any I have the powder if you’re interested.

It’s been so hard if I can’t find any and don’t have a choice I’ll try him on powder again and see how he does