In need of Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease baby formula purple can

I am down to only 1 can of enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease the purple. I will psy for shipping .

I have two Sample Cans, one opened and one unopened both expiration dates are for 2023 if you’re interested!

I would be interested if the above person is not!

We have premade 8 oz bottles and also a couple of open cans the we sealed safely after opening.

Continue to check Costco! I saw it on their site this morning, but it’s gone now :frowning:

Hello, my son will only drink this! Do you still have it available?

Do you still have the unopened?

Yes I do! I still have both

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Price ?? I really need it.

I do not know how to private message on here. On Facebook I’m Franke Denise or you can email me at

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I have a sample can of this that I can ship

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Just emailed you

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Yes please
Pay for shipping.

Can I buy it from you. My baby is 2 months old and I’m down to one can.
Please email me back

Yes you can have them! Did you want both? I know some might be nervous to obtain an opened container of formula but I can 100% promise you it was not tampered with

Hi! Do you still have the ready to feed one’s left? That’s all my daughter will take!

Are these still available?

Hello there moms! My name is Kelly. My family owns a restaurant in the town that we live. And we would like to help a family in need by donating some formula. Our local store seems to have a good supply of many brands. We will cover shipping also. Email me at We are in PA.

In desperate need of the Emfamil NeroPro Gentlease (purple packaging) willing to pay shipping to PA!