In Need Of Enfamil AR

In need of Enfamil AR or a similar formula with rice starch for my baby’s reflux.

I have a 7.2 oz unopened can. Can send out tomorrow

If she doesn’t want it I’ll take it please

Yes please! I will pay market price and shipping.

Hello I have once can of Enfamil AR of 19.5 oz

Send me a direct message (I have no idea how) on where to send it!

I have a “Super-Saver Refill Pack” that has 2 15.2oz powder pouches. I picked this up for another mom, but she doesn’t need it. Happy to ship it out.

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I have no idea how to do it either!!! Lol

DM me; I’m interested!

DM me please!

I can’t figure out how to DM.

You can text me: Five One Two 632 Two One 33

Email me at I have 3 boxes of enfamil AR unopened, super saver pack

I have this, only one unopened can. Please send me an email

I have a small unopened can I got as a sample! Message me, free if you can just help me with shipping it to you!

That would be great; I can’t figure out how to DM here. Are you okay with emailing me?

I have a lot!

I have this much

I have a 12.9oz can if you still need one I can ship out!

I have multiple cans I can ship out! Let me know