In need of enfamil ar for son

I am looking for Enfamil AR for my son he’s almost 8 months old and it’s hard to find here, I am in Kentucky!

I have a can of this if you want it


I can mail it out tomorrow!

How much do you want for it?

No charge.

How much to ship to 40486

Okay! Awesome! I’d love it! Just let me know. My name is Lexi Petrey on Facebook or however you’d like to do it!

My address is PO BOX 523 TYNER, KY 40486

Hey! I have an AR refill pack available - if you pay for the formula I’ll cover shipping !

Hi! Any update for me?

I have some! Email me

Still waiting for a reply! Not sure if I’m sending the correct email

2 can limit but I can get two if you need. Just pay cost and shipping.

I messaged you back! I have two tubs and two cans!


It is also available through Amazon Canada

I sent a separate message because it wouldn’t let me respond. I went to fedex because post office was closed but they can’t ship to a P.O. Box. Do you want me to send it to a fedex near you?

I have a physical address it can be sent to I apologize for the inconvenience!
10743 US HWY 421 SOUTH
TYNER, KY 40486

Okay, I’ll ship it out this morning.