In desperate need of Nutramigen!

I have no formula!! At all. I’m substituting goat milk and she just keeps puking it back up but I have nothing else to give her with her horrible allergies. Please please help me.

I have a giant can of nutramigen! I bought it in Mexico so the label is in Spanish, but it was manufactured here in the US. $50 (which is what i paid) with free shipping. It expires August 2023. Its 788g which is a little over double a normal size can. Our baby didn’t like it and we bought too many in anticipation. If interested, email me at

Do you still need Nutramigen? I have some!

Yes I do!!

Did you find Nutramigen, mama?

No I haven’t unfortunately. :pensive:

I have a sample can I can mail you. what is your email address or phone number?

I have some. Please let me know if you are interested. I would have to ship from Texas.

I have some available

in desperate need for some as well

Was able to grab 2 cans of powder nutramigen in Canada; purchased today and will gladly ship - if you have an email we can connect that way for shipping. No charge for anything I have a toddler and a formula fed infant here and just want to help in any way I can :slight_smile: :heart:

Emailing you in a few :slight_smile:

Ok ty sm :blush:

Were you able to track some down? If not I can try and get some! Email me

I have one small 8oz can of Nutramigen if anyone needs it!

@Holly-mamaof2 i have 2 cans you can have for cost + shipping. They’re the 19oz cans

I am curious, did you follow some form of “recipe” for use with the goat milk? I keep reading that it is a possible substitute for the babies who have extreme dairy allergies and require the Nutramigen formula. My grandson is in this same boat. I’m sorry I can’t be of any help though. We are looking for Nutramigen also.

What is your email, I will send the recipe.
My baby is not tolerating it that we’ll. Although she keeps this down better than anything else.
It’s a lot of ingredients but will get you by.

Thank you! While we are trying to keep our eyes out for the Nutramigen, I keep thinking a goat milk type formula might be a good Plan B to keep in our pocket just in case this formula shortage gets any worse. And I really don’t know how it could possibly get worse than it is! My email address is Thanks again!