In desperate need of formula

Please help my baby.
In desparate need of Enfamil neuropro gentlease, enfamil gentlease or Parents choice gentle.
If you have any to share or to sell, please please.

We’re about to be out of formula. Please and thank you

Just dropped some off today at The Bunny Hive in chamblee. Call them in the morning, they have a big collection box with various formulas, but gentlease is in there. I also believe some of the area Costco’s have it in stock. Good luck!


I am in Canada and I believe I can get this here if you would like me to ship it to you.

I have several boxes of the individual packets of the enfamil gentleease. My daughter just turned one so it’s no longer needed. I’d be happy to donate.

Hi i would love to take those if they are still available. I have a 3wk old

Can you email me so I can send you my number

Walmart has parents choice gentle in stock using shopping zip code 20707.

I have a few of the 34 oz cans if you need one

I have a few of the 34 oz cans if you need one