I was able to get my hands on a couple

I was able to get two cans for pickup in my area. I’m not a parent and wanted to send it out to someone who has no access at all and can’t afford to pay for shipping etc.

Please be honest. I’m just trying to help out a momma or two who genuinely need this.

Free and I’ll cover shipping costs.

Maci, is this still available? My son is 7 weeks old and is on medication which causes constipation. This formula is the only one that helps him. I cannot find any in the area I live and this would help me so much. We are on our last container we have. I can even pay for everything if you would be able to send it.

I’d be willing to send it to you for free. Email me:

I can pick it up and overnight it to you. No charge at all. Being a parent is hard enough. No one should have to deal with these added complications.

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