I need Gentle formula Sams brand or Enfamil Gentlease (purple)

What size can and for how much? I’m i.ln Alabama

And how many can you spare?

How far are you from Marysville IN? I have family there.

I’m willing to buy

That’s okay! I want all 4 and will pay shipping!

Let me know how to pay you! Thank you!!

What was the expiration on the cans

Hey not sure if I sent it

Hi Mike did you receive my message

Hey I need formula too.

Interested if you can spare…

I’m also looking for this for my friend’s daughter if anyone has any to spare. She’s on her last can of formula and will run out soon. Thank you. :heart:

I sent money for these just awaiting confirmation please get back to me

I really hope this was not a scam after money was sent the wife is unable to respond but was replying promptly before and now the husband is responding . I do understand how you may be busy but if you already have someones money and state the items were shipped tracking Information would be feasible .Crossing my fingers I receive my tracking and milk for my 8 week old :frowning: feeling uncertain with this

No ma’am smh

I guess they are super busy . Sent my money ti them and barely got communication after

Email sent so is the money. Please respond

I also sent money and it didn’t look like they had enough for all of us. Hope its not a scam.

I also sent money for these cans. I don’t think there was enough for everyone that wanted it. Hope its not a scam! I already paid for formula from another person and they were very good with communication and shipped it already and sent me tracking number. Fingers crossed.