I’m looking for Similac soy formula

I’m willing to do other brands beside Simalac but my daughter can only do soy I normally use wic but I’m unable to get it so I’m figuring out how to pay for it on here because my daughter needs to eat so any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

Hi, I have 1 enfamil soy 12oz can. I know it’s not a lot but if you need it still let me know.

Is this what you use? It looks like it’s available at my Walmart I could get it for you and ship it to you

My local grocery store had a ton of Simulac Soy, pink can, 12.4 oz powder. Send me a DM and happy to help

Omg yess anything will help I’m still new to this thing I don’t know how to get it to me can someone say how I pay or do my address on here

I have 4 cans of similac soy that I can’t use. Can ship to you . I paid $16 each

Yes I’m interested

Send me an email and we can make arrangements - Sheeri.nachum@gmail.com

Okay thank you I sent the email.

Can u use this kind?

Yes as long as there is no no dairy like cows milk my daughter stomach can’t do it

It wont let me upload a picture for some reason but it says compared to similac soy isomil and Enfamil ProSobee

Same, send me an email at pattycelliott@gmail.com and I can donate/ship out

Where are you located at?

Wapato Washington