I have unopened cans of Bobbie Formula available!

I have unopened cans of Bobbie Formula to give!

Hi, I’m interested please.

Hi @LauraS I’m down to my last can — would love to buy this from you! Thank you!!

I am interested in these if they’re still available! Thank you!

I also have one can of unopened Bobbie formula that I can ship out to someone who needs it!

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@JustinaC I’m interested if still available!

@KathyK yes it is still available. I can ship it if you would like.

@JustinaC That would be amazing. I can’t figure out how to private message on this platform. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: would you mind sending me a message to coordinate? Thank you thank you

I would love these!!

@JustinaC my email is y.Kathy.kaye@gmail.com

@KathyK i just emailed you!

Do you still have any cans available?

Hi Stephanie,

I have two unopened cans I can send!

Hi Hannah! No need to buy, I can send two cans. Question, are you a subscribed member to Bobbie?

I can send you a can! Let me know where to send:)

Hi! Are you still in need?

Hi! I do have a few left! Let me know if you’re still interested. <3

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Yes!! Email me please

Please email me at kristenartley@gmail.com if you still have any available. Thank you!

That would be amazing!!! I’m on the waitlist for Bobbie…

It still available please send:

Kathy Kaye
98 Passaic Ave
Summit , NJ 07901

Lmk what I owe you.

Thank you,