I have Neuropro Gentlease

I have two bottles of new Neuropro Gentlease, bought this week. Can ship from Nashville! $15 for both and I’ll ship!
Email me Kelly.kuehn@yahoo.com

Hello is this available

Yes it is!

Do you take PayPal ?

I have venmo or cash app :slight_smile:

Hi I can’t pay that way sorry . I just got scammed using those . Sorry

Brittany T Smith,BSN RN
“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”.-Winston Churchill

Wow, I’m sorry that has happened to you. I don’t use Paypal for that reason. I had to get an attorney involved in a scam with Paypal last year and it’s still an ongoing in investigation. Paypal has a very dishonest agreement policy and I got scammed big time. I am sorry I can’t use Paypal! :confused:

I hope you find your formula!

If you’re in super need, you could just mail a check?

If you change your shopping zip code on Walmarts website to 20707 the ready to feed is in stock. They’ll ship even if that isn’t your delivery zip code.