I have formula- in Canada

Hi there I’m in Canada and the only formula I haven’t seen on shelves is similac due to the recall. Please let me know what you need and I can try and ship it down ASAP

Looking for nutramigen if you see any, thank you!

Hi! I need Enfamil soy, it called either plant based or Prosobee please and thank you!

I didn’t see any I’m so sorry!

Have you seen any neuropro gentlease?

I’m in need of Enfamil Enfacare for my twin preemie daughters please. Thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face:

Enfamil Neuropro please

Looking for Puramino hypoallergenic.

I’m looking for Earth’s Best Organic! Thank you so much for doing this!

Could you send me a picture of what
It looks like? This is what was on the shelves at my pharmacy - do you see it here ?

I’ve seen enfamil gentlease! Is they the same?

I don’t think they carry that brand in Canada! I’m sorry

Is that the same as enfamil gentlease?

Im looking for Enfamil Gentlease please and thank you :heart: I zoomed in on your picture and sent it so youd see the one

I need Similac NeoSure which is also the same kind as Enfamil EnfaCare— it’s the High Calorie Preemie formula. My daughter is on a special mix to where I have to make it even higher calorie than what it is… she can’t have anything else or her weight will start to decrease (she is 8 months and just made it over 10lbs due to her cleft palate & the docs not finding it until she was so malnourished she almost died around Christmas when we all got Covid).

This one is the same as the one i’m looking for!

The purple container

Hello! If you have access to the purple Enfamil (gentlease) I can use it please!


Thank you VERY much!

Can you send me your email !

Not sure if Im doing this right… first times using this but my email is:


I’m very thankful for any help finding my baby girls formula :heart: