I have formula if you need it

1 can of Enfamil A2 in white can with gray top
4 can in a box of Similac pro-series (I believe it is like a gift set with a few different kinds in it)

All unopened - message me if needed!

Hi there, does the pro-series by chance have Similac Pro-Total Comfort? We are looking for our twins. If so, we’ll take it & will pay for shipping & the product!

Hello! I’m in need of Emfamil A2 please. Would you like me to email you?

I have 2 cans I can send to you. Just provide the address and no need to pay. I’m happy to help!

I just sent you a message, thank you!

Sorry - all I have left is Similac pro-sensitive

Is anything left?

Is the pro sensitive still available?

Do you still have pro sensitive?

Is the formula still available