I have Enfamil Enspire - ONLY regular now, Gentlease is pending!

One tub of regular (20.5 oz) available in Western Washington. Would like to sell it at cost, but I can make arrangements for a low income mom!
No Gentlease left… All pending!

Hi. Interested in purchasing purple one.

How much nd can u ship to Texas?

Hi! I will take all 4 tubs and the 4 refill boxes of the gentlease. Can you please email me? Laurynn.Reed@outlook.com. I will happily paypal you for the entire lot plus shipping to Kansas.

I’m selling them for the price I paid on Amazon with a subscriber discount.
Each tub is $32
Refill boxes are $45
To help as many moms as I can, I’m limiting to one tub and one refill box per mom. Yes, I can ship.
Expiration is Feb 23 on the regular and Mar 23 on Enspire Gentlease.
Email me at bunnystaricka@gmail.com to make arrangements!

Emailed you! Thank you.

Emailed you, thanks!

Yes, I can ship to Texas. For one tub and one refill box (two bags) of the Gentlease, plus shipping, it’s $92. For the blue tub, including shipping it’s $47.