I have 6 cans of Enfamil EnfaCare - no longer available

I have 6 cans of the Enfamil EnfaCare! They are 12.8oz each.


I’m very interested in this. This is the formula I need for my twin preemie daughters

Hi, where are you located? & if you happen to give to someone else do you know if where you purchased still has some left ?

We are in desperate need of this for our preemie grandson. jenlynb1116@gmail.com

My email address is beth.pelton94@gmail.com if you want to send me your address I can shop them to you. Payment for the shipping would be appreciated.

I was given it by a pediatrician’s office so I am not sure where to find it around me

I can definitely pay for shipping


i see, are you shipping them all out?

I emailed you :smile:

I sent you an email. Thanks again!

EnfaCare available at my local grocery store right now as I shop. I put 4 of them in the cart while I shop in case anyone is need or wants to claim them. I can ship first thing in the morning. There are 10 cans total on the shelf, so I can pick up more if more are needed. Email lbranson42@aol.com if you are in need!