I have 2 sample cans of enfamil available

I have two small (sample) cans of different types of enfamil available to someone who can use them.
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Interested if they are Gentlease

Apologies the photo didn’t show. They are neuropro sensitive and nutramigen hypoallergenic.

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Hello! Is the orange can spoken for yet? Have been looking and unable to find for baby with lactose sensitivity.

Is the sensitive can spoken for ?? Can’t find it anywhere!

Is the Nutramigen still available?

It is yours. Leave your email address and i will contact you.

It is yours. Leave me your email address and i will reach out.

Someone else asked about it first. If they do t take it i will let you know.


Thanks you!

Let me know if you would like this one. If not I will reach out to the other person who asked about it. I just need your email address. Thanks!