I am looking for this formula

Are you able to do the generic target brand of soy formula? There’s some at my target…let me know if I can help!

My email is anayansic55@gmail.com

It’s available to ship on Walmart.com!

Similac Soy Isomil 32oz bottles are $8.29ea online, & FREE shipping if order is >$35, at a Target near me.

It is located in North Haven, CT 06473.

There is a limit on 4 bottles/order, so maybe a local friend or family member could order some too?


I do not have any children, but love to help in any way I can!

I have 2 cans of this in the concentrated form. If you could use that kind, you are welcome to them. Email me at a.crocker199@gmail.com

The concentrate version of this formula is available on Walmarts website if you change your shopping zip code to 11211. They will still ship it even if you don’t live in that state.