Help find Enfamil Gentlease

I am looking for Enfamil Gentlease for my 3 month old daughter. I have looked everywhere and can’t find any

I have two 32 ounce ready made liquid containers. I can ship out as soon as tomorrow am and they expire 04/01/2023.

My Walgreens has this in stock. Let me know.

If you could get me two of these that would be great.

How much do you want for them?

Just what I paid and shipping. Not trying to make a profit. $10 each and like $5 for shipping(?)

If you can grab me some I will cover cost and shipping

That works for me! Do you have Venmo or something like that?

Yes! I have Venmo! Shoot me an email:
We can exchange information and I can get your address.

Interested if still in stock.

Definitely interested in the powder if it’s still in stock